Stop using Windows users for Linux dev/writing

This script rose from the fires and flames of bad Windows characters found in a simple command… the offender – the em dash. The em dash does not work in the terminal… Non functional. To get the command to work, we need to correct the Windows error.

I was forced to code/script to counter this terrible MS situation. It was my pleasure – but having to create a script because of this was not necessary – if Linux writers were used instead… simple – don’t hire Windows writers for Linux products/documentation!

Use Linux and Linux writers for your Linux documentation!

Code and sample to run against! The is the file with the offending character.

For the cli, make sure the script is executable (chmod +x). At the command line – ./

For the gui, yes – it’s just yad so go ahead and make sure it’s executable and run it at the command line. Follow the display prompts. ./